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    Date : 04/28/2017     Time: Afternoon
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    Date : 04/27/2017     Time: Afternoon
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    Date : 04/28/2017     Time: Morning
  • Testimonials

    Glad to be under the care of Lux Dental, I appreciate personal care and professionalism that I always recieve .

    Joseph H...

  • Testimonials

    Dr. Abe and staff provided me with a wonderful dental experience that exceeded my expectations. Patients are truly made to feel that they are part of a caring and professional family where the patient always comes first!

    Donald U...

  • Testimonials

    I had a great experience at Lux dental. My daughter was very happy, not nervous. Everything is very high tech, and fast. Its very clean and all staff was very nice.

    Muazir G...

  • Testimonials

    Always a pleasure coming and being greated by a wonderful, Lux Dental family.
    Always awesome for my cleanings and checkups what a great job and the awesome work Lux Dental always does. 10+

    Wilfredo N...

  • Testimonials

    Had a great experience at Lux Dental! Just went in for a basic cleaning procedure and check-up and the service was very quick. Nothing is worse than sitting in a dentist office waiting for your appointment, but my appointment was right on time and I was in and out before I knew it. My dentist was very friendly and for a dentist appointment, I acctually enjoyed it!

    Alice K...

  • Testimonials

    I love this place! Great staff and great dentists! Everybody is really nice and friendly. the office is very clean and welcoming. Lux dental is even open on weekends. I just wished I found this place sooner!! I am defiently referring this place to everyone I know!! :)

    Crystal W...

  • Testimonials

    I went to Lux Dental couple weekends ago and I can't complain much about this practice! The front staff was very friendly and professional. They made sure everything was in order (in terms of insurance), which made the check in process very smooth. The waiting time was very short, which is always a plus. My dentist was very friendly and thorough since this was my first time at Lux Dental. They has great recommendations and referrals and will definitelyy come back for future dentist appointments.

    Lydia K...

  • Testimonials

    Awesome! I've been going here for 6 years, and my daughter since she was a year old. They're amazing. Friendly, gentle, and professional. I've had cleanings, a root canal, fillings, a crown, and they've fixed a chipped tooth. It was all done beautifully. I would never go anywhere else!

    Serena G...

Why People Are Choosing Lux Dental

General, Family & Cosmetic Dentists in Quincy, Cambridge, and Saugus, MA


On March, 2007, two young Dentists and their team of dedicated volunteers decided to develop a comprehensive dental health care practice in Quincy, Massachusetts. They aspired to focus on patient care through the use of the latest materials and technologies. The Doctors made it their mission to not only deliver treatment, but provide compassionate care for their patients. The same level of care and commitment they would provide their families. 

Ten years later, Lux had made an impact on Dental care by providing over 25,000 dental visits per year from its Quincy, Cambridge, and Saugus locations. 


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