Boston University APEX Program | Family & Cosmetic Dentists in Quincy, Cambridge, and Saugus, MA | Lux Dental

Lux Dental is an accredited APEX site for Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine.

Dr. Abdul holds an APEX Mentorship position for Boston University School of Dental Medicine and serves as Chief Dental Instructor at Lux Dental.  He was appointed for his clinical experience and his desire to give back to the profession of dentistry.

Apex students at Lux are exposed to a mentorship by a variety of generalists and specialists. Specialists include Pediatric Dentists, Endodontists, Prosthodontists and Periodontists.As a part of the APEX program, students participate and are exposed to various activities including clinical, administrative, and auxiliary staff duties.

What Students Do?

“As part of the dental team, you will take dental and medical histories and take and record vital signs. You will become an integral part of the APEX dental office by assisting at chairside, interpreting radiographs, taking alginate impressions and providing home care instruction. You will also be exposed to the practice management systems utilized in the office.”

Meet the Future Dentists

Boston University APEX Program | Family & Cosmetic Dentists in Quincy, Cambridge, and Saugus, MA | Lux Dental

Luxmi Guna Class of 2018

What do you love most about Dentistry?

The doctor-patient relationship is my favorite aspect of dentistry. The ability to establish relationships and trust with other individuals is an immense responsibility and a rewarding aspect of this field.

Are you planning to specialize?

Yes, although it is too early in my career to settle on a definite specialty.

What did you learn most at Lux Dental?

Dr. Abdul often says, “Never push anything in life.” No matter how packed the schedule, Dr. Abdul still takes the time to ask about a patient’s day, explain options and procedures, and carefully listen to exactly what concern motivated him or her to come into the office. Dr. Abdul stressed that as a dentist, it is imperative to gain the patient’s trust and respect, as opposed to operating like a factory. Patient and time management can become very stressful in a busy practice; however, Dr. Abdul has taught me to focus on the present, and that all attention and care must be given to the patient that is currently sitting in front of you. In addition, I enjoyed working with the cutting edge technology that is used at Lux Dental, such as CEREC. Dr. Abdul gave me a thorough tutorial on how to use the CEREC machine, and I am eager to further my skills at B.U. Dental.

What do you like most about patient care?

Getting to know patients beyond their medical history charts. As clinicians, we have the opportunity to find out about a patient’s vacation plans, their stresses at work, what their children are studying at college, and many other personal details. At Lux Dental, I have seen numerous patients open up to Dr. Abdul about their personal lives, as they feel comfortable enough to treat him as their confidant. Establishing this kind of a close contact with patients is something I look forward to in my career.

What do you like to do on your free time?

I love to Keep Up With The Kardashian’s, dance to any and every Beyoncé song, take long walks with my Giant Schnauzer Eli, and travel to foreign countries (I just got back from Morocco, and I highly recommend it!).