CEREC 3D Teeth Printing Technology

Over 15 years ago, Dr. Abdul had the pleasure of encountering CAD-CAM, the CEREC 3D teeth printing,  or computer aided design and computer aided manufacture, through Chemical Engineering. As a dental student, he was curious to why such modalities weren’t being leveraged. He remembers asking: “Why were we carving wax, and casting metal, when exceptional and less human dependent modalities exist?”

Now, CAD-CAM, more commonly referred to as “3D printing” is commonplace through Lux Dental. It has been a part of our reality for over half a decade. Dr. Abdul has leveraged 3D printing to provide highly complex and instantaneous treatment to those who demand it. As a leader in its field, Dr. Abdul has trained clinicians at Lux, nationally and internationally on the didactic as well as the theory of 3D printing in Dental Medicine. He and his team are experts in CAD-CAM.

The CAD-CAM system employed by Lux is “CEREC”. It offers patients restorations in one visit- “with all common materials”. Sirona, the manufacturer of CEREC emphasizes “efficiency, greater value creation and safety” as the comparative and competitive merits of 3D printing.

With our 6 CEREC platforms, across all locations, CEREC has made it possible for us to deliver exceptional care 7 days a week. For our patients, “CEREC – no matter what material – stands for speed and a comfortable treatment without impression tray, without annoying provisional” and with only one injection, sometimes.

Our most memorable CEREC experience involves a wedding day disaster. The bride had fell the morning of her wedding. Her front tooth was fractured. She came in with half her front tooth in hand. She was devastated. Through CEREC, we “glued” the missing piece of her tooth digitally. Dr. Abdul performed an emergency endodontic treatment, and then printed the “perfect” tooth mimicking the digitally compiled image. Our bride walked out of Lux with the smile she had the morning before the accident.

CEREC has helped preserve, improve and protect smiles. Just know that we are here with the best for you when you need it most.