Lux Dental Launches Mission Space | Family & Cosmetic Dentists in Quincy, Cambridge, and Saugus, MA | Lux Dental

Access dental care is challenging to many communities both locally and globally. We know from the 2000 Surgeon General’s Report that oral disease has become endemic. 80% of oral pathologies have fallen upon 20% of children. The disparity remains. This is particularly true for minorities and immigrants.

At Lux we see a social responsibility for healthcare providers to promote the importance of health and wellness. Concepts of preventative care are effective in helping communities’ endemic with access issues circumvent disease. This should be the universal goal.

With a passion for space exploration, Lux Dental with a team of Olin engineering students successfully launched a weather balloon to the edge of space. Mission Space encompassed a figurine of Dr. Abdul Abdulwaheed carrying its placard stating “ORAL HEALTH TOTAL HEALTH”.

The balloons payload includes the figurine, GPS device, hand warmers, video and static cameras. The launch took place from an unpopulated region of western Massachusetts.  The vehicle achieved an altitude in excess of 90,000 feet. The flight time was approximately 1 hour.  A safe and controlled landing was achieved through the deployment of an onboard parachute.

Photographs and videos of the mission were publicized in hopes of bringing attention to the importance or oral health and total health.