Choosing the right Doctor for your Dental care is very important. You need someone who can understand your specific dental needs, spend the time necessary to provide you with options, and provide a tailored dental treatment plan that can accommodate your schedule and budget. The Doctors at Lux Dental are all handpicked for not only their clinical abilities, but also, for their ability to demonstrate compassion and empathy as dentists. They are truly skilled communicators who will take the time to educate you and fulfill your healthcare needs.
Lux clinicians have served and continue to serve in the field of Public Health. Dr. Abdul was awarded the Presidential Award for Global Citizenship by Tufts University. He is the chief architect of H4420, A Bill to mandate comprehensive dental coverage for seniors. In addition, he was awarded the Community Dentistry and Dental Public Health Award by the American Association of Public Health Dentistry. Dr. Saeed Kashefi and Dr. Rooz Kashefi provided humanitarian Dentistry in both Nicaragua and Jamaica.

Our Doctors were trained by Harvard, Boston University and New York University. Many have held or currently hold faculty positions in many of these Universities.

We understand that academics alone cannot possibly be the main factor in your choice for an ideal clinical. So here are Lux, we want you to be able to find a dentist based on the “Human Factor”. Through the following platform, our patent pending algorithm will suggest to you the ideal clinician. So, get set, ready and let’s find you your match.


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Dr. Khanh Le | Family & Cosmetic Dentists in Quincy, Cambridge, and Saugus, MA | Lux Dental

Dr. Khanh Le


D.M.D., M.Sc.
Specialist in Periodontal Surgery & Implant Dentistry

Dr. Gyusik Cho | Family & Cosmetic Dentists in Quincy, Cambridge, and Saugus, MA | Lux Dental

Dr. Gyusik Cho