As far as prosthetic treatments go, dental implants resemble the natural tooth most.

There exist multiple types of dental implant in the market. All consists of a portion which resembles the root of a natural tooth. We mention this component as we find it most critical.

For a dental implant to succeed, the implant must integrate with bone. In other words, human bone must hold onto the implant. This requires that there be sufficient bone, and quality bone. At Lux Dental, we utilize a CT scan to determine the quantity and quality of bone before placing implants. (see the video above of such a scan, and an implant placed in the front maxilla – Dr. Abe Abdul).

The next phase involves the restoration of the implant. The tooth component along with an abutment could be cement or screw retained. At Lux Dental, we usually prefer a screw retained system as it is safer to recover in case of complications.

The implant process from beginning to end could take 3 to 12+ months. To achieve success, a standard time line is irrelevant.

If you are interested in dental implants, make an appointment with Dr. Abdul, Cho or Hwang to discuss your options. We are more than happy to further educate you on the systems and protocols we use.