There is no such thing as an ideal color for teeth. Most cultures find a lighter shade, whiter, more appealing. Having said that, it is difficult to define shade. Most dental offices utilize a “shade guide” in determining the shade of teeth. This is about to change as Dr. Abdul and Lux Dental Engineers are working towards a better system.

For now, a good guide for teeth whiteness would be to match the whiteness of your teeth with the whiteness of your eyes.

Lux Dental currently offers in office and take-home whitening system. In both cases, carbamide peroxide is being utilized. The in-office treatment produces a greater result in a shorter period of time.

How long does teeth whitening last?

A common question we are asked is“how long does whitening last?”The answer lays in an understanding of chemical equilibrium. The more often you whiten, the whiter your teeth. The more you consume foods or utilize products that may darken your teeth, the sooner it stains. The equilibrium among the factors will determine the color of your teeth and the persistence of your whitening treatment.

Whitening if utilized based on manufacturers guidelines are safe. Common side effects of teeth whitening are sensitivity, mild chemical burns to the lips and gums. These conditions are mild and often resolve on within days.

The Lux Dental team are experts in teeth whitening and color. We understand the constraints and can advise you on strategies to prolong your results. Lux even offers annual plans to keep that smile white without compromising your habits.

Come talk to the experts of teeth whitening here at Lux.

Dr. Abdul Abdulwaheed serves as the Chief of Oral Rehabilitation at Lux Dental. He was recently voted Top Cosmetic Dentist by Boston Magazine. Receiving his training at numerous intuitions, including Harvard and Tufts University.